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This program is for you if you are overcoming Life’s Challenges or making a life change.  Have you gone through a Divorce? Lost a job? Suffered through a Death of a loved one or a challenging Disease.. like CANCER? ..even something as life changing as becoming an EMPTY NESTER when kids move out, go off to college, leaving you feeling DESERTED and abandoned!  ALL of these can crush your life and force you into isolation, depression, feeling alone, trapped, stuck, or abandoned. Questioning where do you go from here?  Life challenges can be hard when you are suffering alone. You don’t have to.  Whether its Death, Divorce, Disaster, Deserted, or Disease - this is the right time for you to recreate your life the way you want it! RIGHT?  

Stop watching from the sidelines.  Have FUN, its out there waiting for you.  You are going to discover joy and good times again. 


Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut?  Would you like to maximize your day to finish the tasks you set out to? Could it be you are looking for that next promotion or trying to figure out what does it take to find your next best job, Do you feel like you are going through the motions and not inspired by your current situation? Ready to make a change?

Follow these shortcuts to success.  Let me show you how to fill your life with purpose through proven shortcuts , even fun projects that may also help make you money and plan for a more secure future ALL at the same time. 


Find your Passion, Discover your Purpose, Enjoy Life NOW!





BE THE EXPERT in your field. 

Quickly Write Your Book ... or three!

Learn how to grow your CELEBRITY STATUS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world. 

Even if you have gone to the best IVY league school, spent decades in Med School, OR JUST STARTING OUT in your business as an ENTREPRENEUR, nothing gives more credibility and being seen as an expert on your topic than “AUTHOR of a Best Selling Book.”

Have you ever wanted to write a BOOK to get your message and idea out into the world but just have not had the time or don’t know where to begin? This is one of many ways you can be recognized as THE EXPERT. 

This course is perfect for you. Follow five easy steps to help you write and publish bestselling books. You will be quickly on your way to creating bestselling books and be seen as the expert in your area of expertise. 

For others, perhaps it’s a personal mission or destiny for you to BE THE VOICE out there helping others like it was for me! Follow these five steps to success for writing your book and building your Celebrity VOICE! building your brand to be recognized as the EXPERT. 

At RenovationYOU, we help you BECOME THE BEST YOU!  Living your life with enthusiasm and zest, and vitality.  We are here to shake it UP! 

So many people give too much of themselves and there is not enough left over at the end of the day.  Practice No Fear, No one else’s opinion matters but yours! "Pick up your pen," and BE THE VOICE that makes a Difference! There is nothing in this world that provides you with that immediate credibility like being an Author of a #1 Best Selling Book.  We will show you how to plan, write and publish your book in minimal time AND how to secure your destiny by building your  "CELEBRITY," and growing your brand to BECOME THE EXPERT. 



With RenovationOnLocation we help you build your wealth in your favorite destinations.  

Start Living Your Dream NOW.  



Why not make money and secure your future at the same time.  

At RenovationOnLocation you can chose from different courses to get you on your way to Paradise.

We can help owners get the best value when putting your home on the market.  Look at our courses and consulting to get the best dollar your personal gem can provide. 

RenovationOnLocation RETREATS get you out in the field meeting in our favorite destinations showing you how to select realestate investment assets to build monthly rental income so your homelife and future are secure for that "rainy day' when you are physically not able to work or choose NOT TO WORK!  We witness the devastation of those who suffer the loss of income or lost job security...  You don't have to experience a divorce, or disaster, or recovering from disease or death of a loved one to know the difficulty it is to provide for yourself in the lifestyle you require when you can NOT work and risk having NO income.  Learn how to identify properties, purchase, and manage property remotely... Building Your Wealth in Your Favorite Desinations with RenovationOnLocation !

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At RenovationYOU we Renovate all areas of Your Life inside and out to help you get energized and recreate your life the way you want it!

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