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RenovationOnLocation helps you Build Your Wealth with Residential Vacation Renovations in Your Favorite Destinations. 

In just weeks you are well on your way...


Start Living Your Dream NOW. 


Easy Steps Repeatable Success  

Recurring Income 


In just  weeks you can learn how to find profitable vacation rental homes to update, 

turn into on-going cash to build your retirement,  and help SUSTAIN YOU when you cannot work. 

Why not travel, make money, and secure your future at the same time.  At Renovation On Location you can chose from different courses to get you on your way to paradise.

MJ Jenkins started her first of many home renovations at just 26 years old, fresh out of college.  You can tap into MJ’s 30 years of expertise in Home Design, Flips & Rentals.  

Maximizing your income 

with Vacation Rentals or simply 

increase your home value  

You don't have to have suffered through life’s challenges or be a survivor of a divorce, or disaster, or recovering from disease or death of a loved one to know the difficulty it is to provide for yourself when the times get rough ... 

How to SUSTAIN the LIFESTYLE you require when you CANNOT WORK or CHOOSE NOT TO WORK resulting  in NO INCOME.  

You are only one “life challenge” away from a total financial ”train wreck.”

Think of this as “Financial Train Wreck Prevention.“

RenovationOnLocation ONLINE COURSES combined with LIVE  RETREATS get you out in the field meeting in our favorite destinations showing you how to select residential realestate investment assets to build monthly rental income so your home-life and future are secure for that "rainy day' when you are physically NOT ABLE to work or CHOOSE NOT TO WORK!  We witness the devastation of those who suffer the loss of income or lost job security.  

We can help homeowners get the best value when putting your home on the market! We teach Real Estate Professionals and their homeowners how to get the best bang for the buck. How to get that listing to stand out.  Material selection is critical. Curb appeal crisis is our specialty!

-Look at our ONLINE Courses and LIVE Retreats  to get the best dollar your personal gem can provide 

-Learn how to identify properties, purchase, and manage properties remotely

Amazing results. 

Possibly 20-50% return on investment.

You just don’t earn that kind of interest these days! 

Building Your Wealth in Your Favorite Destinations with RenovationOnLocation  

How Do You Keep Collecting Paychecks?

Start living your dream now!

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Build Your Wealth with Residential Renovations in Your Favorite Destinations

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